Thursday, 26 January 2012

Karen & Gunther (and a famous friend) @MyCoffeeStopUK

Karen & Gunther (and a famous friend) @MyCoffeeStopUK
Karen & Gunther, My Coffee
 Karen & Gunther compete for attention with their extremely impressive coffee machine.

I decided to launch the "We Love Enfield Photo Blog" as there are so many great people in the borough doing so many great things and I wanted to do my bit to draw attention to a few of them.  Today I had a longstanding appointment with Karen Mercer & Gunther Hollenstein, owners of the amazing MyCoffeeStop, which resides on the London bound platform of Enfield Chase Station.

When I first "stumbled" upon their shop, I was immediately drawn in by the quality of their coffee, but as much as that has remained constant, what's kept me coming back is the unique atmosphere and ethos of MyCoffeeStop.

 Gunther the barista. He can make your coffee, from scratch, in less than 30 seconds?

The shop seems to draw in all of the most interesting people passing through Enfield, with the level of banter and goodwill something you'll never see replicated in a 'Costbucks' type chain store. It also acts as a conduit for Karen's amazing fundraising efforts for the Chickenshed theatre group, with a book swap being one easy way to raise funds for such a good cause.

As well as it all tasting great (especially this mornings freshly baked cakes), you can leave with an easy conscience as everything in the shop is Fair Trade.

Karen with Clive Bull
Karen Mercer with Clive Bull and a lovely bit of Cake.

An unexpected bonus of my visit was the arrival of long time LBC presenter, and unchallenged king of relaxed talk broadcasting, Clive Bull.    Clive's taking a break from more than 15 years of overnight broadcasts, and using the time to catch up with old friends.   Karen is a former LBC travel presenter and so he arrived to show his support to MyCoffeeStop.

Karen interviews Clive Bull 
Karen filming Clive tasting MyCoffeeStop's fabulous Chocolate Brownie for 
an online video review.

Karen was kind enough to enthusiastically explain the concept of this blog and of the wider #WeLoveEnfield campaign, both of which Clive wholeheartedly backed.

You can find out so much more by following @MyCoffeeStopUK on twitter.  Come and take a look the next time you're passing Enfield Chase station.   You'll love the coffee, you'll love the people, and you'll realise that it's another reason why We Love Enfield!


Saturday, 7 January 2012

A couple of Enfield Vignettes

Just a quick post today. I was out in Enfield with my camera and took a couple of shots that illustrate some of the best parts of the borough.

Firstly, enjoy this shot of Town Park this afternoon, just as the sun started dropping down:


And finally, I noticed the inscription on this bench in Gentlemans Row. I don't know what the story is behind it, but it's quite lovely and a little moving.


It goes to show, that theres beauty of all sorts all around us, you just have to look for it.